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Rock Hard Metal Pick

You've found it…indestructible diamond badassery at it's finest!

Imagine the sound of a rapier sword spanking taught steel with the crisp ricochet of bullet-proof glass…with nano-second response time as the sword whips around at the speed of sound for continuous barrage of rapid fire salvos, like a merciless Vulcan cannon, chopping away to the beating as they collide together to transfer the invincible tones of a righteous lashing!

And your weapon doesn't rest because it never needs to cool…because this Perfect blade will never fail or render your axe sidelined as a result of the Earth's gift to human kind…the material properties which have evolved over the eons&hellips;Not only is it the hardest material on Earth&hellips;it also has the lowest coefficient of friction you will ever encounter! What is this craziness?

It means that this blade is so precise, so efficient, so surgical, so slippery that it will never grab or bite a guitar string to do damage of any kind&hellips;like a sexy slap in the face that stings but doesn't hurt!


Simple. The hottest, most impeccable axe blade (more commonly known as a "guitar pick") ever created. The Earth decided to take it's sweet-ass time for milllennia to create the hardest material known to the human race. Possibly the hardest, material in the universe&hellips;The perfect material&hellips;Diamond.